There is SO MUCH to say about this event and how truly honored we were to be there, but at this moment – I really NEED to catch up on some well deserved shut eye! Before I go hide under the covers I’d liked to say  the people we met tonight were incredible and it was such a pleasure meeting you all!

MANY, MANY THANKS to the folks at the Arizona Wedding Magazine (particularly Kristina Celik and Amy Mancuso and the event staff at the Tempe Center for the Arts) for having us be a part of your 25th anniversary celebration. Congratulations to all of your accomplishments over these many years! 😀

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Again, thank you all for the great feedback and experiencing our product! I am tired – GOOD NIGHT!

You call the shots. We bring the studio. We are Awesoos®.

Dirk Nelson (left) / Desi Aragon (right)