Desi and his little one decided to participate in the most AWESOOS relay they had ever heard of – “The Course of the Force (COTF)” – which is identical to the Olympic torch passing relay, but the torch was replaced with a LIGHTSABER!!!!! WUT?!?!?!

The entire relay spanned over a 5-day stretch starting in Santa Monica, CA on Saturday July 7th and ending in San Diego, CA on Wednesday July 11th for the opening of the Comic Con International 2012 event. The COTF relay was totally catered to Star Wars fans of all ages and 100% of the contributions provided by relay participants were donated to the Make a Wish Foundation! This was the very first year for COTF and they were extremely proud to be part of this incredibly rewarding event –> Star Wars + Make a Wish Foundation + Memories = SOOOOOO AWESOOS!

So how did Desi come up with his idea?

Well, seeing how Desi’s from Tucson, AZ, he thought “what better way to represent the desert than with a good ‘ol pod racer and a Tusken Raider” [or (Tuc-son) Raider… hehe]. It was a pretty ambitious idea, but it would be well worth the memories for his boy and his self. After some initial research on the pod racer type, Desi decided Anakin’s pod racer would be the most feasible.

Fortunately, there were a few airplane engine-looking parts (air venting products & plumbing parts) that closely resembled what he needed. Desi left the rest of the parts up to cardboard and a few printouts of airplane engine stock photography, which help save a few tick tocks off the clock. Speaking of which, on the final stretch of the pod racer design, Desi was incredibly fortunate to have the help of his crafty wife to create the Tusken Raider mask and Anakin’s helmet!

So the project begins on the first weekend of June 2012 and continued on, a few hours on every weekend, until the day of the event, Tuesday July 10th. Yes, the build planning was completely spontaneous and he had to magically conjured up something to remotely translate into a recognizable vehicle from the Phantom Menace movie Star Wars: Episode I — Anakin’s pod racer. This was the best craft project he had done since graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design!

All they needed were a few jogging outfits– his blue shirt representing the Make a Wish Foundation– to complete the final task and voila! FINALLY, when he sent in their picts to the COTF Jedi Council for approval, it was decided that they cap off the relay with the final leg on Day 4. They were completely floored and truly honored to make the final light saber hand off to RD-D2 himself – amazing!

Now, they have a fantastic memory for the family and Awesoos for contributing to the Make a Wish Foundation in this special relay for the Course of the Force 2012!

Check out the pictures here!

Here’s a video recap of the event! Course of the Force: Day 5

Details about the event:

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