We had a simple vision and it all started with a big red button. It became a ridiculous and iconic symbol for us and it almost had this magicial gravitating pull towards it – because it looked so DARN inviting to press! 🙂

After many grueling weeks of perusing through ebay, google and websites from industrial China, we finally came to a deliberation and found the one and only button. Then we needed to retrofit it around some type of housing component, which also took a few weeks of perusing through the aisles of hardware components. We found it. And after its last tightened screw and final coat of spray paint it naturally all came together – and it was magnificent.

So our marketing started to revolve around this not-so-little wonder of ours as we also thought it would make the perfect remote photo trigger in the hands of our guests. We created something that would symbolize the attitude, intuitive nature and complexity of our product. It was like the enormous high school hall pass you couldn’t keep as a souvenir. It’s on our business card. It’s on our online brochure. It’s going to be on every piece of collateral we would conjure up. And it soon became the Awesoos symbol.

We thought it was so unique that it even deserved to be bubble wrapped during it’s travels to the patent attorney’s office. And finally, when you see it in its iconic form – the big red button held by a clenched fist – a powerful image that resonates a feeling of control, ownership and perseverance – where most people see the graphic image as a hand holding a camera – it became perfectly symbolic. It was ours.

And then we dumped it.

Well, not entirely. In our initial tests, we were running into syncing issues with the lighting, which is when we decided to hold back on its use. It wasn’t compliant to the process. But, we do intend to revive it once we revisit the issue. For now, it lives on as our propaganda graphic and we may even add it to our basket of additional studio flare.

In the meantime, do not press the big red button.

You call the shots. We bring the studio. We are AWESOOS®.