Awesoos debuts the new year with the fantastic wedding of Marilyn and Russel Means at the beautiful Gold Room in the Arizona Biltmore Resort in Phoenix, AZ.

So, all of the event guests get to (download/print/share) these hi-res photos for FREE and at their own convenience! YES FREE – because we LOVE YOU like that! (Note: These photos are only for personal use only.)

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We have two photo gallery links available:
a) Our temporary live streaming Dropbox gallery
b) Our permanent Flickr pro gallery, which is highly recommended.

(Note: For our live streaming gallery, we can’t guarantee full accessibility to all of the photos due to upload times, bandwidth constraints and signal limitations of our cellular provider.)

(Sunday note: Our streaming services had connectivity issues last night and unfortunately none of the photos ever made it online. However, these “raw” photos are currently uploading now if you’re still interested, but I HIGHLY recommend waiting for the Flickr gallery photos. Thank you!)

Live Streaming Gallery: (what-you-see-is-what-you-get … raw photos)
Dropbox: Marilyn & Russell Means Wedding 2013

Flickr Pro Gallery: (with an added punch of flare making them publication worthy)
Flickr Pro: Marilyn & Russell Means Wedding 2013

(Note: The Flickr photos will be ready for your personal perusal by Sunday, Jan. 6th around early afternoon [3-4pm] or sooner. So, feel free to bookmark the link noted above and check back on this page for an upload status. –> Upload status: 100% complete)

Specials thanks to Chelsa Christensen for the recommendation and we’d love to collaborate with you again! If anyone is interested in her fabulous services I’ve noted her information below.

Chelsa Christensen: Wedding Designer
m. 602.391.7522
o. 480.659.7955

It was a pleasure to be at your event Marilyn and Russell! Congratulations to you both and have an incredible new year!

You call the shots. We bring the studio. We are AWESOOS®.