It’s 2013 and we just wrangled in a few goodies for the company website!

One is brand spanking new site redesign made to be “responsive” to any device you throw at it – well any modern device. Yippee! If you happen to run into any snags, please let us so we can provide you with the best possible user experience!

A second goodie in our basket is a sweet new promo video shot and edited by the young and very talented Mr. Bryce Myhre! We thought the AZ Taco Festival last October in 2012 would be a super fun one to document! So, check out the video below because we totally loved it!

Awesoos @ The AZ Taco Festival from Bryce Myhre on Vimeo.

You can see more of his work here:

And to top off the goodie basket, we have also added a few more informational graphics to the site to help give better insight to folks that have yet to experience our mobile studio! We’ll just add them to this page as well for kicks!



If you’re having trouble reading the tiny print on these graphics, don’t strain your eyes too much! Enjoy these alternate links below:
A) How It Works | B) The General Specs

Well, that about concludes our goodies for the month! We’ll also be implementing some new tech in our Paparoosi™ station that’ll make it even more intuitive and more fun! We can wait to start beta testing! 😀

You call the shots. We bring the studio. We are AWESOOS®.