We have teamed up once again with The Create Co. (Bryce Myhre) and gave him the tools needed to knock out another fantastic idea! We call it the “slow-mo-video-booth” and it is quite literally just that.

It all came together based on a version created by the production team Super Frog Saves Tokyo and we decided to create one ourselves. I mean why not?

We asked the bride if we could test out the brand new feature at her event and she was absolutely delighted – especially when we offered it at no additional charge!

*Note: For those who may be inquiring later, the “free of charge” part was only a one time offer. 😀

So, earlier that day The Create Co. whipped up the staging area and Cassandra gave the green light later that evening – well after the guests made a few visits to the bar. But, how did we do?

Well, I believe the results will speak for itself. The instant video playback at the event in all of its glorious slow motion was a huge hit. The video editing is just fantastic. And thanks again to Adam and Cassandra for letting us experiment on their wonderful and beautiful guests!

We hope you enjoy this video as much we did!

Slow Motion Wedding Booth from The Create Co. (Bryce Myhre) on Vimeo.