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About Us

While there’s plenty of boring stuff to talk about, we’ll just get down to the logistics before your attention span fades off into oblivion. Um, k?

Quite frankly, one day we got tired of doing traditional event photography. We somehow lost the fun in it all. So, we decided to take a side step and explore the options into the popular trend of the “photo booth”. So, why the heck was this thing so popular? The answer was simple. It clearly satisfied the ego in one aspect or the other and the “vanity” market was always going to be an endless source of entertainment. So, while the photo booth seems to be a supplemental service to standard event photography, we decided to make it our primary focus – as our “mobile self portrait party red carpet paparrazzi experience kit.” You may now commence with a fist bump.

Find more juicy details about us here:

It’s In The Name
We share our short and memorable story from our early adventures of our start up, which makes our name even more delightful! 😀
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Meet The Team
Here’s a slight introduction to our professional history, but if you really want to meet us – then let’s grab some drinks (coffee) and chat more!
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What The Heck Is Awesoos?
You want to know what it is? Well, hopefully you’ll get a better clue by getting the info you need from this page!
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You Call The Shots. We Bring the Studio. We Are Awesoos.®