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What The Heck Is Awesoos?

We are specialized in capturing the incredibly “not-so-serious” candid moments of your guests! With all the fixings of a traditional photo booth and the high end tech of a photo gear head, we have created our own unique formula from the traditional photo booth and have made it the integral part of— The Awesoos™ Photo Wrangler™ Entertainment Experience.

We went over the top and created our first patented full-length (7ft tall x 4 ft wide) mirrored photo snapping beast! It is absolutely the most compelling self-portrait system any guest will ever stand in front of.

Did you say— a mirror? Yes! It is an instant direct photo reference, which help eliminates most of the posing guess work. The formula is as simple as this: Pose + Snap + See your Pic! Quite frankly, it is such a no-brainer concept and there simply isn’t any excuse for taking a bad photo! 😀


We have also infused a VIP celebrity treatment for our guests as we help art direct all of the photo sessions as our staff is always fully engaged with our guests and will never leave them astray.

We are also highly specialized in designing trade show certified custom backdrops worth of any celebrity red carpet runway. Even though our area is typically a large open-air layout, we are still able create a unique atmosphere specific to your event through the use of our fantastic music system and custom fabricated props.

And speaking of props, we seriously have the most awesome “prop buffet” and our guests are always trying to walk away with them as souvenirs. It is a good thing we keep all of our photo records to help us find the culprits for any missing props! The only thing we let our guests typically walk away with, besides the ear-to-ear smiles and event branded photo keepsakes, will be an incredibly gratifying and addictive experience.

That is just a small part of The Awesoos™ Photo Wrangler™ Entertainment Experience and we have primed ourselves to make sure that your event will be the most memorable occasion.

The best introduction to Awesoos™ is jumping into the fun. Check out these videos and you’ll have a better idea of what we’re all about. Cheers!

AWESOOS @ El Rio – Bow Tie Block Party 2016 from Team Awesoos on Vimeo.

Awesoos @ The AZ Taco Festival from Bryce Myhre on Vimeo.