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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Awesoos?

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Well, it’s kind of like a “photo booth on steroids, but not really” – as described by an anonymous guest. The general concept is there, but the experience begs to differ.

So, let us make a teeny-tiny-little clarification.

A typical photo booth, such as the photo island terminals seen at a mall, are cheap enclosed and dated contraptions.

They have minimal seating and a tiny computer monitor connected to a photo timer that spits out a few thumbnails on a photo strip branded with cheesy graphics and impersonal business logos. If you’ve been to a wedding or corporate event recently, then you’ve probably been in a photo booth.

With the Awesoos mobile self portrait studio bundle – You’ll step into our plush red carpet style open-air arena infused with studio lighting and a backdrop made worthy for a celebrity paparrazi runway. You’ll be greeted by an amazing full-size mirror, our mobile self portrait system, that serves as our magical multi-purpose photo snapping beast. Your guests will primp themselves accordingly and, more importantly, they won’t feel awkward in front of a photographer – because there isn’t one! What?!?

After a 2-second learning curve, your guests will be taking their OWN photos (as many as they want) – because we entitle them to hold our ‘photo accentuator’ – as described by our IP attorney at Quarles & Brady (hint to those with spying eyes). We will be happy to take the photos as well, because we’re just handy like that.

Look into the mirror + make a pose + take a picture = BAM… instant gratification as your fabulous presence is transferred to a huge HDTV monitor or projector. But, your vanity won’t be satisfied with just one picture. It’s an incredibly addictive experience! It’s harder to get people to leave once they’ve unleashed their own sleeping ‘inner-celebrity.’

So, we’re not sure why this set up would be called a “photo booth, photo station, live station…” because we’re definitely NOT that. We are a “Mobile Self Portrait Studio” and we are fully 99.9% confident that you have never experienced a concept like ours – unless you’ve actually been to one of our events. 🙂

Our ‘Photo Entertainment Experience’ is fit for any event and a perfect anti-bordem supplement for your guests!

You call the shots. We bring the studio. We are AWESOOS®.

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What's your facebook page because I want to LIKE it!

We’re so that happy that you enjoyed our product!

You can visit us

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So, can we share the photos on social media sites?

Of course you can! As long as you only use these photos for personal use, then we don’t mind at all! If you do share them, would you mind giving up some props and tag us on Facebook, or Tweet about us, or even instragram us? THANKS A WHOLE BUNCH!

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What kind of events can use your mobile self portrait studio system?

We can install at all types of events ranging from large conferences and corporate events to intimate private parties, weddings and school events like prom! We can even accommodate a small party in a sweat lodge, which can make a memorable event for any coffee table conversation!

You’ll also want to note that we’ll have enough insurance coverage to make most venues happy!

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The venue is asking if you have insurance coverage?

We most certainly do! We have enough coverage to fit most venue’s expectations! If they’re so inclined to ask, our insurance is provided by the wonderful State Farm. The venue can contact us for more information if need be.

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You know - I also think I might need an event photographer!

Well, you just happen to be in luck! We have the professional experience to shoot in any type of setting – from weddings, to Bar Mitzvahs, to birthdays, to corporate events, to sports events.. etc. Just ask us for more details! And there’s even an additional bonus discount if you book for both the mobile self portrait studio + event photography services!

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How much time in advance do I need to make a reservation?

Ideally, we need notice a minimum of four weeks in advance and to make sure it doesn’t conflict with any of our existing reservations. But, if you need it sooner than that, we’re not going to tell you that we hate you… at least not until after the event! Just kidding.

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How much does it cost?

Worried about cost? Don’t be! We’ll send you quote based on our (3) most popular packages, which are flexible enough for most budget conscious folks. If there is something you’d like to add/subtract from a package, we’ll be happy to prepare a new quote for you! We even provide a “0% interest for 6 months” financing program through PayPal!

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How long does it take to set up?

There are a few factors at the venue that can effect install time (such as finding the appropriate bindings for a cliff dwelling site.) But, we can estimate the installation should not take longer than approximately 1-3 hours (from the start of moving our product on site to setting up the production). We want to make sure your moment will be as AWESOOS as possible. Typically, on sites outside of the Tucson area, we’ll get to your location SUPER early and scout the venue’s grounds for any possible hiccups.

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So, how does your mobile self portrait studio system work?

Like this – Look into the mirror + strike a pose + take a picture = BAM… instant gratification as your fabulous presence is transferred to a huge HDTV monitor. Simple!!! Your vanity won’t be satisfied with just one picture. It’s an incredibly addictive experience! It’s hard to get people to leave once they’ve become entranced by their own inner-celebrity.

Upon exiting, guests will be informed where the link to the online private gallery is – while we provide live streaming uploads (depending on the wireless coverage in the area). The photos will be in hi-res quality, shareable, printable and most of all – FREE! YES FREE!

We do offer prints (4×6 and up to 5×7), but we’ll only do them if we REALLY have to. We also can produce different print layouts on the fly that surpass the look and quality of the typical stacked photo booth strips. Our print options are noted in our packages – purchase options for your guests, a set number of print credits, and the premium cost of unlimited prints. Save a few trees and stick with the digital route!

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Is Awesoos portable?

Awesoos will travel anywhere within the greater Tucson and Phoenix metro areas… and soon the entire continent! We can set up in any location or venue, even if there’s no power supply at the location. (We’re crafty like that.) Please note: The most ideal locations for us are indoors. Outdoor settings may cause interruptions with our wireless equipment. If you want us outdoors, plan on an obstacle course through our tethered equipment. (We’ll make it work.) Our set up works at its most optimal setting of 12 square feet. We can go in tighter, BUT the mobile self portrait studio kit is designed to fit groups of up to 15+! Bigger groups = outrageous pictures!

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What about props and party flare?

We have a TON of high quality props and we tend to collect more and more after each event! We recommend that the props used to spice up your pics be provided by us or the event host or venue for convenience, but we are happy to let you use your own. (Hint: nothing livens up a wedding pic like a Burmese python!)

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Eeeeeewwww, why is my picture coming out so bad?

Well, since there isn’t a photographer and a mirror at bay to guide your personal stance and favorite angle and we’re actually producing an image to the extent of “what you see it is what you get” – um, what else is there to blame? ;P Silly, just keep taking more pictures (because you can) until you find THE ONE! Quit the pointing the fingers at us! 🙂

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Will you offer prints at the event?

Why YES we do offer prints. We offer print options in some of our packages – purchase options for your guests: a set number of print credits, or the premium cost of unlimited prints. Take the worry free approach and lower the price of your package – save a few trees and stick with the digital route! If your guests demand prints, we’ll direct their attention to the online event gallery instead and they can print for FREE at home and even post them on Facebook.

But like we said, we’ll do them if we REALLY have to. 🙂

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How do I access the online event gallery?

Easily – just go to our website at and you’ll find a link in our blog to the private online photo gallery on the day of your event. If you can’t seem to find it,  drop us an e-mail and we’ll send you the link ASAP so you can enjoy the pics before your hangover has even worn off! You won’t have to worry about any other associated costs for this service because it’s absolutely FREE for you guests. Yup!

The online event gallery will be uploading LIVE during the event! That’s right! (Please note: Uploading times will depend on the local service availability and speed.)

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Will video footage or photography be taken around the mobile self portrait studio?

Yes! For an affordable price, an optional bonus video or photo montage (or both) can be compiled into one ‘Awesoos-me’ party! Athough we will ask you to be on your best behavior. Just contact us for more details!

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Will there be Awesoos staff working at event?

Yes! You will find at least (2) Awesoos staff members, setting up and breaking down the booth, handling any technical issues, and also directing traffic into our mobile self portrait studio. Our staff will guide you on how to look your absolute best, even when you’re not completely coherent!

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How much space will your mobile self portrait studio take up?

The mobile self portrait studio can be as large as 20 square ft and as small as 12 square ft. And since the mobile self portrait studio is generally open there shouldn’t be an issue from quickly getting to the nearest fire exit. But, if you happen to be smothered in flames, you’ll be quickly extinguished on the spot by a vat of tasty mango gelatin. J/K.

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Why use Awesoos?

Awesoos is an experience – incredibly fun, tons of props, super roomy and fully tax deductible. (OK, so that last one isn’t true, but fun and roomy are still good, right?) We guarantee that you have never experienced a setup like ours! If you have, you’ve either been to one of our events or someone may need a call from our patent attorney? With Awesoos, take unlimited pictures with no stinking timers going off at a preset of intervals (but try not to hog the photo arena), with camera control in the hands of your guests or from an Awesoos staff member. It’s so easy, even a drunk bridesmaid can do it (just don’t let her barf in our booth!) Perfect exposures compartmentalizing professional grade cameras, hidden professional studio lighting, lively music and a seamless backdrop fit for any celebrity red carpet runway. (We can’t help it if you have bad hair, though)

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