What is AWESOOS? 
I’d like to call it a photo entertainment experience, but this has always raised an eyebrow for the visually challenged.  So, without going into an elaborate babble, I hope the infographic down below conveys it in a much better fashion.  Enjoy!

Desi Aragon

Owner & Founder

times we have cranked up the smile dial

times we have made our guests snort profusely

times we have gracefully bypassed Photoshop requests to alter reality

They’re a mini event within an event! Say what?!

Our unique combo platter of hassle-free, photo wrangling entertainment, consistently produces barrels of laughter and captures an eternity of smiles.  And our tactics have been methodically designed to vanquish any of those dastardly camera phobias!

So, saddle on up with us and be the entertainment hiring hero!

We used Awesoos for the photo booth at our wedding and they were amazing!!!  They were so easy to work with and went above and beyond! I couldn’t recommend them more, they’re the best!! Jessica Q.

Wedding, Yelp Review

It’s an open photo studio with a backdrop, TONs of props, bright lighting and photos prints that are presented in a beautiful envelope. Everything is super great quality.  I had so much fun… Isabella J.

Corporate, Yelp Review

It’s seriously a riot.  The entire Awesoos team was very professional and were engaged with all our guests. If you are looking to add fun, excitement, and tons of laughter to your special day… Cassandra C

Wedding, The Knot Review

My new husband and I met with SEVERAL photo booth vendors and no one was as great as Awesoos.  Desi listened to what I was looking for and was able to put it together easily.  He helped me to build a package… Shaida V.

Wedding, The Knot Review

Introducing our full-service, Awesoos Photo Wrangling entertainment platform! And for the most optimal experience we typically like to see about 120-150 square feet (at most) of free-flowing photo wrangling space.

See that thing in the middle?  The guests stand in front of it and it’s called the Marveling Mirror™.  It’s our patented (7ft tall x 4ft wide) alluring monolithic beast and it’s a big ‘ol charmer for the shy types. We can also put in its place, the Marveling Mini™ (see below), which is a cuter (non-mirrored) photo unit, and it’s catered to fit the more footprint conscious events.

The Marveling Mirror™
Our guests stand in front of this big ‘ol mirror and the magic will start here!

But, where’s the flash strobe and the camera? Oh, they’re hidden within the mirror for an elegant and seamless look! And with its familiar comfort factor, 99.2% of shy guys/gals won’t find any issues posing in front of this beast.

What are those pretty lights? They’re there to keep those wandering eyeballs centered within the frames of your photos. Otherwise, your photos will have you looking off into the endless void of space.

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The Marveling Mini™
Our guests also stand in front of this before we start snapping away!

We made this little fella for our footprint conscious folks. It’s perfect for those more intimate occasions.

The eyeball thingy bopping up and down is our ring light strobe! It packs a big enough punch to produce even lighting. The pair of freestanding “light rods” keep our area nicely lit! But, the best feature about the Marveling Mini is the on-the-fly height adjustment for those who are vertically challenged—perfect for the kiddos…or large pets!

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Both of our marveling products can reignite any dainty appetite lacking in the consumption of these essential photo nutrients: Props, Poses, and Picts. We’ll be firing up those amygdalas in a blaze of glory!


Feed your Beast with A dopamine Feast!

Our Recent
Featured Events

If you were a guest at one of our events, then you’ve come to right place to find/download/share your digital photos! Shoot us a little love during all your social media-ing at @awesoos or hashtag us with #awesoos. Thanks a bunches! 😀

The El Rio Gala - October 19th, 2018

It was another exciting El Rio Foundation fundraiser as our guests got accessorized in the super hero pink for breast cancer awareness! 😉

The 8th Annual Evening of Play at The Children's Museum Tucson

Did ya get photo wrangled on Oct 13th at the Children’s Museum Tucson? Well, saddle on up partner and check out that link below! 😀


It’s easier to download/share your picts via a desktop computer or laptop. But, If you’re using a mobile device, it’ll be easier to share by using the flickr mobile app. Just make sure you set your flickr app privacy settings to enable the read and write part in order to share/download photos.

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For starters, we’re HQ’d in the same city that accidentally created the chimichanga—Tucson, Arizona. Expect your guests to be playfully art directed and barraged with a plethora of instantly gratifying moments—all of which keeps your guests focused on the fun, instead of a learning curve. You’re going to love our on-site team!

The Prop Wrangler

Who wants to see a chaotic prop table? Our Prop Wranglers will keep everything in check.

The Photo Wrangler®

We take a full-on candid approach because we like to capture the best snorting moments.

The Print Wrangler

Be rightfully greeted with a hand-delivered, freshly dye-sub’d photo keepsake.

Looks insanely pricey?

Our product essentially holds the same intrinsic value as this sample foodie cost evaluation at a fancy pants buffet…

( 220 guests ) × ( $13 per plate )

Instead of an aching full belly, every visit to our photo buffet produces an over indulgence of gratification in a simple tangible format—a photo wrangling experience—eternally emblazoned into each photo keepsake.

So, what would you’d like to value more as one of your event highlights? 

Prioritize your budget and Jean-Luc Picard it—MAKE IT SO!


See my point now?

It’s not about just dropping off a photo booth and letting it run the show.  It’s more about having a mini event within your event and that’s why…

You call the shots.
We bring the studio.
We are Awesoos.

Interesting concept, but what about…

Yeah, but what does it include?
Do we have liability insurance?
Covered up to a million bucks.

Do we have high-quality props and signage?
Oh yeah.

Do we custom design “step-n-repeat” backdrops?
Yeppers and with the Adobe suite.

Do we display client’s photo backdrops?
If requested, we can do it!

Do we custom brand the 4×6 printed keepsakes?
Uh huh.

Do we have mobile sharing?
Testing it this fall.

Do we create personalized special event blog pages?

Do we have supplemental walkaround event photography?

Do we have a green screen option?
The best in the biz.

Do we provide free access to online hi-res digital copies?
Yup, in 24 hrs or less.

Still not satisfied? Then send us your inquiries to: lets.talk@awesoos.com or click here to contact us or simply scroll down below and simply fill out the general contact form.

What events mesh well with this?
If you’re still looking for added entertainment value or more specifically, a mobile photo studio platform, then we can pretty much cover any type of event you want to throw at us. Just as long as we’re not prioritized into your “left over” budget.
So, where have you set up shop?
We’ve geared up at all of these locations:

Phoenix, AZ locations:
• Arizona Biltmore Resort | Phoenix, AZ
• Montelucia Resort & Spa | Scottsdale, AZ
• Orange Tree Golf Resort | Scottsdale, AZ
• Phoenix Convention Center | Phoenix, AZ
• Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort | Phoenix, AZ
• Sheraton Phoenix Downtown | Phoenix, AZ
• Talking Stick Resort | Phoenix, AZ
• Tempe Center for the Arts | Phoenix, AZ
• Villa Siena | Gilbert, AZ

Sedona, AZ locations:
• Sedona Golf Resort | Sedona, AZ

Oracle, AZ locations:
• Kannally Ranch Park | Oracle, AZ

Tucson locations:
• The Buttes at Reflections | Oro Valley, AZ
• Children’s Museum | Tucson, AZ
• Girl Scout Hacienda Program Center | Tucson, AZ
• Hacienda Del Sol | Tucson, AZ
• Hilton El Conquistador | Oro Valley, AZ
• Kino Sports Complex | Tucson, AZ
• Loews Ventana Canyon Resort | Tucson, AZ
• Mercado San Agustin | Tucson, AZ
• Saguaro Buttes | Tucson, AZ
• The Scottish Rite Cathedral | Tucson, AZ
• Stillwell House | Tucson, AZ
• Tohono Chul Park | Tucson, AZ
• Tucson Convention Center | Tucson, AZ
• Tucson Expo Center | Tucson, AZ
• Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa | Tucson, AZ

Outside of Arizona:
• Jay Peak Resort | Jay, VT
• Memory Garden’s Pacific House | Monterey, CA
• Rossi Farms | Portland, OR

Can you guys set up outdoors?
Absolutely! BUT, we have a few stipulations. We need to be under cover or a tent must be provided and both of these need to meet our space requirements. We also need access to power. Lastly, we need make sure we’re on flat ground.
Explain the experience part, again?
It’s a ratio of 2% high-tech gimmickry and 98% of hassle-free, candid-popping, instantly-gratifying, laughter-ensuing, spontaneous photo wrangling fun.

Remember the three “wrangler” titles up top? We LOVE to be 110% engaged with our guests and our on-site team will always have their afterburners on!

Your guests will be first greeted by our Prop Wrangler and bedazzled by our high quality props. Then once the guests move into photo range, our Photo Wrangler will be there to help art direct all their shots. Once the photos start displaying instantly on the big screen—the laughter begins!

After their photo sessions are complete, your guests are corralled together and herded to meet the Print Wrangler. This is where they pick up their hand-delivered prints, which are also inside fancy-pants envelopes, but we’ve got one more step.

After the keepsake handoff, we share a verbal cue to a link to their digital copies, which will finally conclude—our instant gratification process.

Step and repeat.

Your guests only need to focus on their “pose-n-play” parts, while we focus on lighting up their amygdalas and pumping up their dopamine levels!

Check out those videos and see how we do it!

How quick is the experience?
We typically don’t have shot limits or time limits, but the guests waiting in line sure do!

So, to gauge a fresh new batch of peeps, who are unfamiliar with the program, the average time for taking photos is usually 1-2 minutes (or less) and once the best photos are selected, a single glossy keepsake can be printed in 10-12 seconds .

How far in advance should we book?
Welp, we’ve been booking as far as six months in advance. Three months or more is ideal. So, I probably wouldn’t hesitate too long.

A month in advance is cutting it close for the need of any customized items, such as the production time for a custom designed photo backdrop.

Two weeks in advance will depend on our availability and it will include a 25% (oh-my-goodness) fee to your quote. Any booking inquiries less than two weeks of your event date will currently include a simple— nope. Oopsies. Sorry!

Please note: To secure your event date, we request a non-refundable 50% deposit from your total invoice amount.

Alrighty, where do I get a quote?
Oh, you’re ready to go, eh?  Simply click here and we’ll get you started!


But, according to Google Analytics your eyes didn’t actually glaze over! I’m kidding. Google can’t really see that, but Alexa sure can! Kidding, again! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to take the reigns from here!
— Desi Aragon, Founder-Owner-Wrangler

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