Last year, we had a ton of fun with our Battlestar Galactica inspired theme – “BattleFrak” at Phoenix Comicon 13. But, this year we came up with our own theme! And every video-gaming-fighting-noob should be very familiar with this technique. 😀

UPDATE: Monday, June 9th, 7:30 pm – For all of our guests that got to show off their button mashing precision, the uploading of your hi-res digital photos is complete! Click on the link above or scroll down this page to access those links. Thank you!

Have you ever been confronted with an unfamiliar fighting game and left to the demise of an experienced player behind the other controller? Wait! You don’t know any of the moves! What do you do with all those freaking buttons?!?!

We become this… the “BUTTON MASHER.”

And with four days of nerdtastic comicon to enjoy, we get to have you play out your favorite button mashing role in FOUR fantastic stages – a different scene for each day for the whole event!

Come visit us at booth #1291!

We can’t wait to enhance your cosplaying photo experience with some amazing handheld Awesoos-irized flare! 😀

CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Velasco for taking home the ultimate prize of a pair of PHX Comicon 14 – Full Event / 4-day passes! You are certified with AWESOOSNESS!


Does it cost anything to get pictures taken?
YES, it’s only a mere ($2) per human. Crawling infantiles are excluded from any form of pricing.

Do you take credit cards?
YES, we plan to have our Square register at bay to accept credit cards, BUT we can’t guarantee how ninja quick it’s going to be. Cash is always king though! 😀

What do I get for $2?
You get the awesome art direction from a Team Awesoos associate. They will help you create a fantastic ‘Button Masher’ scenario in front of our patented self-portrait-mirrored-display. Every picture you take will be instantly previewed on our larger monitor. And the instant gratification just doesn’t stop there!

You’ll also get to walk away with your own 4×6 photo keepsakes! It also comes in a handy dandy clear protective sleeve with an AWESOOS certified branded lanyard. You’ll wanna to ditch your current badge and pin it on this puppy!

As a bonus, you also get FREE online access to your hi-res digital photos! It’ll be the BEST $2 you’ll spend at the CON!

Can we download our pictures? How much does it cost?
YES, you can download/share/print your hi-res pictures from our flickr site WITHOUT any additional cost. Because we love you like that! And please note that your downloadable photos are strictly for personal/non-commercial use only.

Where do we download our pictures?
Visit our flickr site here:
-OR- Scroll down to the links below

When will my photos be ready for perusing and downloading?
You can expect the photos to be uploaded on Monday, June 9th by early evening or sooner!

If we find our pictures offensive, could we request to take them down?
YES, absolutely! But, we’ll make sure your photos are totally AWESOOS from the get go! 😀

I took pictures at your Instagram station also, but I don’t see them on Instagram?
We plan to have those uploaded to our flickr site by Monday as well! As for Instagram, we plan to pick a few select favorites and post those to there on Monday.


If you didn’t see us at last year’s event, check out what you missed!

Awesoos at Phoenix Comicon 2013 from The Create Co. (Bryce Myhre) on Vimeo.

The team at Awesoos brought their Mobile Studio Kit to the crowds at the 2013 Phoenix Comicon, with a set and props right out of an old-school beat-'em-up video game. The pop-up studio was a popular destination at the convention, attracting hundreds of cosplayers, fanboys and girls, and others who were eager to have studio-quality photos taken of them in the middle of some Battlefrakkin' action!

So, just bookmark this page as we’ll be updating you with some of the latest happenings at the event and most importantly – the links to your FREE hi-res digital photos will be noted below!

We’ll get these photos up by Monday, June 9th, in the evening (or sooner) so you can spend some down time perusing through all the incredible participants in our “Button Masher: White Knuckled Photo Ops” bashing studio!

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

It was another eventful day even with an emergency round up and it was almost two hours before the big opening! But, with a barrage of hiccups through some mysterious local wireless network issues will still managed to knock out some fantastic ‘Button Mashing’ scenes!

It was particularly great to see a few visitors from last year’s event and it was equally just as special to see the new ones come in. We’ve had nothing but great feedback all the through the pre-event! Now, we’re looking forward to the big weekend and we can’t wait to see the results of everyone’s cosplaying antics tomorrow! 😀

Friday, June 6th, 2014

What a day!!!! We finally ironed out all the kinks from Thursday’s instant gratification debacle [which just wasn’t up to Awesoos’s standards] and not that any of guests really noticed, but not having the battleship running up to full speed certainly put a slight damper on the team’s zen mode. Now, it was cruising like a hot knife through a stick of butter!

And just when we thought things were going great – it got even better! We had a most curious observer that swung by and picked up a brochure during our lunch break. We talked briefly about few things and about what we do and what markets we were exploring. But, the brain was still laggy from yesterday’s events and then it finally clicked in. I remember seeing a few clips on tv about this event. These were folks from… [then BOOOOOOOM]

stan lee's comikaze

Stan Lee’s Comikaze. One of the biggest CON events on the west coast. Soon to be the biggest I’m sure. It was great meeting you folks!

So, we cap out this event – with that. Thanks to all of our wonderful new players and repeat players that brought the awesomeness to our button mashing battle grounds! <3 We CAN'T WAIT to see what's in store for Saturday!

Saturday, June 7th, 2014

Tucson Comicon

As expected, Saturday was a couple blast! The busiest day of the event so far! So many kids got a chance to safely annihilate their parental units with button masher precision!

We made a few more top notch connections and one stood out in particular – Tucson Comicon! You heard that right! From our very own home base location, we got to meet these fine folks as the early morning openers! We’re looking forward to utilizing our “enhance button” for this upcoming event! WHOOHOO! We also made a few other exciting connections, but we’re going to keep those secret for now. Teehee.

We had so many guests from last year that swung by and a bunch of new repeat guests that we had just met over the previous few days! The print station appeared to be vomiting prints, the cosplayers looked fantastic against our vivid oriental market, endless barrels of laughter and nothing but great feedback for the entire day. It was an epic Saturday. Now, we’re hoping Sunday will be a tad bit slower because it’s time to get our shopping on! 😀

Awesoos: Button Masher / Stage 3

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Sunday was another funday! The last day of the event was certainly not a laid back one. We were hoping we would get to dive into a little “shopicon” action, but these comicon peeps weren’t going to let that happen! 😀

While our printer was cranking out the memories earlier that day, I overheard a passerby that was checking out our gig who blatantly called it out as – CHEESY! I heard it a mile away! SO, I pointed him out and it was one of those “nuh-uh-no-you-didn’t” moments. His friend was apparently quite embarrassed by this and stated he had no part in his opinion. Hahaha! So we graciously dragged them both into our booth, which they so kindly participated in, just to prove a point. We do specialize in cheese, but we amplify it 10x to make it AWESOOS! Well, after a little button mashing and a hand off of prints, it certainly didn’t take much convincing for this guest to retract their initial conclusion. Sometimes, it’s just better to talk with your inside voice! 😀

And that’s how we cap out the last day of the event. GRATITUDE to all the of new folks and to all of the repeat folks that we got to see at this year’s event. It was our pleasure to create some lasting memories with you all. Without you and your cosplaying madness and your inner child at bay our product just wouldn’t be as special without all of you! <3 you all!

Get your button mashing fotos here:

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Button Masher: Day One at Phoenix Comicon 14

Click here for Button Masher – Stage 2: (100% complete)
Button Masher: Day Two at Phoenix Comicon 14

Click here for Button Masher – Stage 3: (100% complete)
Button Masher: Day Three at Phoenix Comicon 14

Click here for Button Masher – Stage 4: (100% complete)
Button Masher: Day Four at Phoenix Comicon 14

Click here for the Teleporting Photos [aka Instagram Station]: (100% complete)
Button Masher: Teleportor Center at Phoenix Comicon 14

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Co-owner, Desi Aragon, Gets Grilled by SAGAPS

Apparently, I couldn’t leave the show without getting interviewed by the wonderful paranormal investigating crew of SAGAPS! You read that right … they’re ghost busters! Well, more like ghost debunkers. So, if you want some details on how the Awesoos product could work for your event – then look no further! 🙂

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Team Awesoos Always Brings the House Down

I wanted to personally thank Team Awesoos for wrangling in all the event peeps and giving them a truly memorable Awesoos experience! It’s always a blast to work with you all! Work never feels like work thanks to you guys! <3 -- Desi team-stage1





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