We capped off January 2018 with the most incredible birthday bash EVER! Wendy Erica knows how to throw a party! We’re talking about some serious entertainment like food trucks, a live band, an open bar, a flame throwing spectacle, and to round off that formula… there was AWESOOS!

The crowd was fantastic! And judging from all those huge smiles in the photos, I believe they thoroughly had a darn good time with us. And since you’re here now, you’re probably pretty important. So, please feel free relive and enjoy those moments again from our online gallery!

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The #WEWBash50 event photos will be FREE to access below! Guests will be able to download, share, and print these photos for their own personal use! Yup! (Please note: Commercial use is strictly prohibited.) 🙂

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Here’s the link to the hi-res photos:
CLICK HERE – Wendy Erica | 50th Bash – For the Dogs

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Thank You!

Special thanks to Wendy Erica for having us and to all new peeps we had the pleasure to speaking with! Thank you for making memories with us and we hope to see you again soon!!! 😀

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