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It’s In The Name

So, you’re wondering about how we came up with our company name? Well, it all started when our own individual sets of parents fell in love… oops that’s the extended version. Here’s the condensed version: Anthony and I came into this world as Filipino Americans. As much as I like to share the details, we’ll just zoom forward a few decades and into the now. We both absorbed a bit of the Filipino culture – even though we have been completely Americanized – and wanted to make sure our business had some sort of Filipino affiliation. I mean, why not?

I’m personally not very informed about my Filipino heritage, but I can proudly mimic my dad’s English dialect with surprising accuracy. The typical reaction is “He really sounds like that?!” Just imagine a Filipino Bill Cosby.

Awesoos boils down to an expression my dad (and many other Filipinos of his generation) has said all his life.

Anthony and I both personally consider it a universal term with a bounty of meanings – good and bad. It just depends on the context of the situation when you say it. The closest english equivalent would be the word “whatever.” When I hear my Dad say it, it sounds like “[aw-soos].”

I consulted with Anthony about it to make sure I was hearing the same thing and we both agreed that it sounded legitimate and the context of its use was legitimate. Awesoos!

So, there you have it. In late August of 2011, we got it filed accordingly and became an official business entity known as Awesoos Entertainment LLC. We purchased the domain name of We were the proud owners of the company Awesoos, and we were so excited to share this news with our friends and families!

For my 40th birthday, my dad flew into town from Jacksonville, FL. I picked him up at the Tucson International Airport. While we were in the car, I was telling him about the new business. I told him that we named the company after a Filipino term and proudly stated to him, “…it’s called AWESOOS!”

And then in a strong Filipino English accent he said, “Waaat? Wat’s dat?”

I think I stained my underwear at that moment. The entire time, we thought we were being clever by adding some Filipino culture into our name. But, my Dad said, “Waaat? Wat’s dat?”

After further explanation from our lack of research, the fog finally cleared up when my Dad explicitly provided me with better insight on the term “[aw-soos].” In a somewhat holy manner he stated, “NO, wei are not saying dat, wei are sayeng … heh-soos! Like [jee-zus].”

Good lord.

Well, obviously we didn’t change our name, but it sure does make a great story!

You Call The Shots. We Bring the Studio. We Are Awesoos.®

© Awesoos Entertainment LLC

Yep, this is my dad, Eric (aka Agripino) Aragon, and this guy is a charmer. 😀